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A private practice offering counseling and psychotherapy for adults

Crises, losses, trauma and challenges are part of human life. Get professional help and start a personal development process towards increased quality of life.


Individual therapy sessions for adults.

Concerns that may be discussed in therapy

  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Crises
  • Anxiety
  • Guilt and shame

Beginning therapy can also be a desire for personal immersion and development, as well as support to connect with your being, life energy and your resources.

Online therapy available – when considered appropriate.

To be in in therapy and meet your therapist Online by video conference, does not affect the frequency or number of sessions. Online therapy sessions work in the same manner as face-to-face therapy.

What is Gestalt psychotherapy?

Gestalt therapy is a form of therapy that takes its starting point in the conversation and works integrated with consciousness, emotions and body. Gestalt therapy is about contact and how we avoid contact. Contact in the relationship, as well as with yourself and what you feel and feel here and now.

Unfinished experiences/ memories form patterns and we repeat the world as it once was, avoid contact, and miss the experience of what it is like here and now.

By becoming aware of the repetition, you have the opportunity to complete the old through processing and insight, so that the energy of life can be released and you will be able to be more present as who you are and experience the world as it is now.

Since gestalt therapy is a personal development process and thus requires a personal effort, I cannot promise you easy solutions, but invite you to look yourself in the eye and teach you how to listen to yourself and your inner voice.

When you start therapy it is important that you are prepared and motivated to do so. It is important for the depth of therapy that you are prepared to take a look at your childhood/ childhood family, adolescence and important events throughout your life, like crises, failures and losses.


Trauma is a part of life and doesn’t have to last for a lifetime. When a person is traumatised, he/she continues to avoid dangers that are already over, and therefore misses the opportunity for new healing experiences and development. Trauma can occur through overwhelming events such as: violence, threats, bullying, loss, accidents, operations, falls, war, sexual violations and assaults, social crises or crises within the family. And the developmental trauma of a traumatic childhood.

In trauma and prolonged stress, the nervous system get out of balance and you may subsequently find yourself hyperactive, in states of anxiety, fear, panic, irritable or energy-depleted, in impotence, apathy, depression.

Gestalt therapy is about reconnecting with the body and life energy. To discover and make use of new resources so that you can restore your natural capacity for self-regulation and find your natural rhythm between activity and rest.

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Art Therapy ~ Gestalt Therapy

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Rita Ubel Psicoterapeuta Gestalt Almeria

Rita Ytterdahl Ubel

  • Four-years Gestalt Therapy training, Norwegian Gestalt Institute AS (NGI), Oslo Norway.
  • Holder of The European Certificate of Gestalt Psychotherapy.
  • Master’s degree in Art Therapy from the University of Murcia, Spain
  • Advanced master’s Degree in education (Cand.Paed.) from University of Oslo, Norway.

Registered with the following organisations and abides by their codes of ethics:

  • Full individual member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT)
  • Full individual member of the The European Federation of Art Therapy (EFAT)
  • Member of the Asociación Profesional de Arteterapia de la Región de Murcia (MURARTT)

More about Gestalt and Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is a dialogic process, dedicated to the healing of human suffering and for the purpose of increasing our self-knowledge.

Gestalt therapy is a way of understanding and describing human experience so as to maximize awareness of creative possibilities.

Gestalt therapy essentially offers support for the process of contacting and so creatively and aesthetically promotes awareness, presence and growth.

In Gestalt therapy the focus lies on the process of a person’s contacting and withdrawing from contact with his or her human and ecological environment as well as on the awareness of this process.

The therapeutic relationship is a dialogic process.

The encounter is present-centered.

Both therapist and patient are involved in the emotional resonance, reflection and working through processes.

Gestalt therapy concepts

The concepts emphasized in Gestalt therapy are:


Contact means being in touch with what is emerging here and now, moment to moment.

Conscious awareness

Conscious awareness is a focusing of attention on what one is in touch with in situations requiring such attention.


Experimentatation in Gestalt therapy is an alternative to the purely verbal methods of psychoanalysis and the behavior control techniques of behavior therapy.

Trying something new, without commitment to either the status quo or the adoption of a new pattern. The experiment may result in enhanced emotions or in the realization of something that had been kept from awareness.

Techniques of Gestalt therapy

There are no prescribed or proscribed techniques in Gestalt therapy. In Gestalt therapy, therapists and patients are encouraged to be creative in doing the awareness work.

The techniques used by the therapist vary according to his or her personality as well as that of the patient and his or her preferred mode of experience.

Gestalt therapy interventions

The intervention style is focused on improving the abilities of the patient to make and withdraw from contact.

We work with a rich palette of interventions, including role-playing, experiments with body language and pantomime, experiments with language and voice, and the application of various artistic methods such as painting, drawing, dream work, creative writing or sculpting, breathing.

Since Gestalt therapy is an experiential (actually doing and experiencing) and humanistic approach, it works with patients’ awareness and awareness skills, rather than using the reliance on the Therapist´s interpretation.

The Gestalt therapist

In Gestalt therapy, the therapist is actively and personally engaged with the patient rather than fostering transference by remaining in the analytic role of neutrality.

History and roots of Gestalt therapy

Laura Perls was a noted German-born psychologist and psychotherapist who helped establish the Gestalt school of psychotherapy, the wife of Friedrich Perls, also a renowned psychotherapist and psychiatrist. Laura and Friedrich Perls fled from National Socialism in 1933, first to Amsterdam, then to South Africa and subsequently to the United States.

In the United States their theoretical and practical insights were further developed by a group of American intellectuals with a deep knowledge of psychoanalysis. Laura Perls and Friedrich Perls‘ new approach, stimulated by Paul Goodman’s (1911-1972) social philosophy in New York, developed further as Gestalt Therapy. Paul Goodman(1911–1972) was an American author and public intellectual known for his 1960s works of social criticism.

They synthesized various cultural and intellectual trends of the 1940s and 1950s into a new gestalt, one that provided a sophisticated clinical and theoretical alternative to the two other main theories of their day: behaviorism and classical psychoanalysis.

Gestalt therapy has many roots: psychoanalysis, radical social philosophies, anthropology, existentialism, phenomenology, Gestalt theory, eastern philosophies, body work, arts, human rights & social responsibility.

In Europe, Gestalt therapy has been represented by the European Association of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) since 1985. To practice Gestalt therapy as a psychotherapist requires high standards of training and ethical practice.

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Rita Ytterdahl Ubel
+34 689 922 206

Studio & counseling  Sebastian Perez 100, 04550 Gergal, Almeria